LLC “LOTUS” will provide the following related services:

  • In the rolling of metal.
  • On metal machining.

Our company produces the following types of metal structures:

  1. Columns of different sections and design solutions;
  2. Crossbars with mounting joints on welding or high-strength bolts;
  3. Welded and rolled beams;
  4. Roof trusses and secondary trusses of a building frame;
  5. Communication and bracing on the columns and trusses;
  6. Monorail brake design ways suspended transport;
  7. Runs the top of the stairs;
  8. Bunkers, tanks, tanks, overpasses of pipelines and conveyors;
  9. Custom designs according to customer drawings, etc.
  10. Steel structures of span structures of railway, road and pedestrian bridges
  11. Installation of metal structures, Assembly, welding.