The company “LOTUS” is a modern and dynamically developing enterprise. The main activities of our company is design, and, also, production of the foundry equipment for the metallurgical industry.

In the most common understanding, casting — model the process-the operation of obtaining products consisting in filling a special container (form) that forms the surface or part of the surface of the manufactured product, a liquid material (metals and nonmetals) with subsequent thermal transition of the liquid material in the solid state and obtaining, as a result, solid billet, similar in configuration, size and properties to the product. The first methods of casting became known to man before our era, in the processing of metals such as copper, tin, silver, gold, lead.

With the development of technologies and the emergence of new alloys and methods of metal processing, there was a need to create special devices and containers for metallurgy. We are engaged in production of machines, equipment for metallurgy, equipment of continuous transport.

An additional type of our activity: development of projects of industrial processes and productions relating to electrical engineering, mining chemical technology, mechanical engineering, as well as in the field of industrial construction, systems engineering and safety.


Pouring of ceramic mould, which has been fired and removed from the kiln, at the William Cook Cast Products factory in Sheffield